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Motorola Droid won't update to Android 2.1

So I got an email from Verizon thanking me for upgrading to Android 2.1 ( Verizon email link ). It mentioned all the great features that I should be enjoying (and have been been patiently looking forward to). Last time I tried a manual update install and probably got my self into trouble. The problem is I didn't actually accept the over the air update and 2.1 wasn't running on my droid. I went to Home> Settings> About Phone (still on 2.0.1)> System Update (presented with a Android Update 2.1 screen) press the download button. Nothing downloads and I'm presented with the same screen again and again and again. Searching the internet presented me with some unplug my battery options tried it -no joy. Decided to let the droid sit overnight. Hopefully it would fell better in the morning.-no joy. Next posts that I saw ( ) started talking about doing a hard reset, pull the battery while hopping on one foot, etc. I went