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Outdoor Temperature - Waiting for Update Honeywell WiFI Thermostat (RTH9580WF)

Just bought my wife a new thermostat for our house. We missed the HAI home automation thermostats in our previous house and their ability to display outdoor temperature. The NEST removed too much of our ability to control our thermostat and didn't show outdoor weather conditions. We choose the Honeywell RTH9580WF (from Amazon) for a few reasons:


Ability to control from a remotelyEasy WiFi connectivityReliable thermostat companyGood 4 star plus reviews from AmazonAbility to show outdoor temperature and humidityEasy to use touchscreen and nice design Cons:

C wire requiredNo external temperature sensor Replacing  our existing heat pump thermostat was uneventful. I just carefully followed the instructions from Honeywell on how to install it. Our system was new enough to have a C-wire run but not connected to the existing thermostat. Honeywell's online tools and video helped me through this quite well.

Hooked everything up as directed. The thermostat connected up to our WI-FI n…