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Swimming Pool Chemistry - First Time Pool Owner

We bought a new house in Fountain Hills, AZ. With the hot weather in the summer it just seemed to make sense. Being the science guy I really wanted to understand why all this pool chemistry stuff seemed so complicated. I'm a DIY guy and a scientist, so how hard can this stuff really be. The 4 main DIY tools to maintain my swimming pool chemistry and water clarity are: My friend Bill He's had pools in Arizona for many year, but not sure how to franchise his knowledge, so most of you can skip this one. Trouble Free Pools website  - great website with real information on pool chemistry and how simple it really is. I now effectively maintain my pool myself with Walmart bleach  (sidum hypochlorite and water), Muratic acid. When filling the pool I added  Cyanuric acid  as a Chlorine stabilizer and Borax as a buffer/mild anti algaecide. Now "knowing" my pool, It's a couple cups of bleach every morning and some acid on t