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Replacing Failing Drive in Linux Raid 1 mdadm Array

I've had a disk drive complaining about have trouble writing to certain blocks (specific error is I/O error, dev sdc, sector 1446901823 -across a bunch of different sectors). This raid mirror isn't supper critical, it holds backups from the other machines on my home network, but I'm starting to think it's time to replace the failing drive and eventually upgrade the size of my backup mirror (md0) partition from 1TB to 2TB. I'm using about 90% of the space right now, but probably have a good 3-4 months before I need the space. Overall, the process was much simpler than I expected and very straightforward. Other than the synchronization of the new drive the whole process took about 20 minutes. It was nice not having to do this with a system down, but I could do it much quicker having been through this test run. 1. Preparation before starting: I just wanted to gather some background on my drive system before I start unplugging and plugging back in drives. Firs

How to DIY Replacing Whirlpool Electric Cooktop Glass - Model RCC3024

So our light in our kitchen decided to drop onto our glass electric cooktop. We suspect that the glass retainer ring wasn't screwed on all the way, and the globe light bulb just gave out. Either way our nice Whirlpool 30 inch (Model RCC3024) stove cooktop was broken. Here's the pictures of my broken cooktop and the rest of this blog post shows how simple it is to replace (I didn't find a good pictures or video on the web of the process). Hopefully this helps you do it yourself.     I immediately went online to see if I could get a replacement cooktop glass from the fine folks at . I had bought several appliance parts over the years and they have always had the parts and been fair on the pricing and shipping. After typing in my model number (Whirlpool RCC3024LB01) I got to this page  told their filter the part I needed was ov