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DIY Spray Foam Insulation - Foam It Green Review

I decided to try one of those DIY spray foam insulation kits to help insulate the heck out of my basement. One of the recommendations from a friend on Facebook said to "make sure you cover everything - including hair". I decided to choose the spry foam insulation kit from . The seemed to have a similar kit to many others and their warehouse was only a few miles from our house, which meant we could pick it up and save some shipping costs. Foam It Green 202 square feet kit Foam It Green 102 square feet kit I decided to use their spray foam 102 kit , since I only needed to do about 60 square feet of rim joist insulation. They have a good video showing the rim joist spray insulation process on their website. I should have know better and ended up buying the 202 kit  to finish the job, probably because I put it on thicker and also made sure the area was well covered. There were a lot of tools on their website to understand the process an