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Dreamhost secure CDN for Woocommerce Wordpress site

I was very pleased when Dreamhost built in free security certificates from the Let's Encrypt service. Here's a the Dreamhost and Let's Encrypt integration announcement . Unfortunately, utilizing this meant you couldn't use the cloudflare service without upgrading. I decided to roll my own CDN to speed up my brother's stain glass shop's website . The page load speed dropped by almost 200% and site site feels speedy when browsing now. After researching many solutions and option I settled on this solution. I didn't want using a CDN to exclude or confuse anyone (or any search engines) looking for our content. The CDN I created is all under our primary domain with canonicals pointing back to the original content to avoid any accidental duplicate content penalties by search engines. I created  3 secure CDN sub-domains and choose the free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate in Dreamhost hosting console to serve up our images, fonts, css and js.