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Picasa upgrade from 3.8 to 3.9 thumbnails disappeared for all +30K photos - grey dots now

My upgrade on one of my machines for Picasa did not go well. As you can see below Picasa seems to have dropped all of the thumbnails on the upgrade. I posted to the Picasa help area - Upgrade from 3.8 to 3.9 thumbnails disappeared for all +30K photos (of course you can't upload a picture to Picasa help area), so I figured I blog about the issue and included some screenshots. You can see (Image 1) the grey dots that represent where the images should be in Picasa. Randomly the images are being rebuilt (Image 2), but for the number of images and faces I have in Picasa it will take several days to rebuild them all.

I really like using Picasa as an image management tool. It really does seem like the best photo management tool out there. I have over the years compared it with other pay, free, and open source solutions. None of the others had Picasa's simplicity and sophistication. I love the fact that it never touches my original images, except to store tagging and geolocation data…