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DIY - Make your own Permethrin Mosquito Yard Spray

Making your own Permethrin based mosquito spray good up to 30 days – using an Orthro Dial’nSpray and 10% Permethrin solution. I had previously used a Permethrin based spray from Cutter Backyard Free to keep down the mosquitoes in our yard. We are in a heavily wooded area and the commercial Permethrin based hose spray worked well for us. It usually kept the mosquito population to almost 3-4 weeks depending on the amount of rain we had. For the most part this made our yard usable during the summer. These sprays have become difficult to buy, so I figured why not make my own. As best I can tell Permethrin properly applied is a safe mosquito reduction chemical. So I decided to make my own using commonly available Ortho Dial n spray and 10% Permethrin used for cutting down pest in animal barns. I found the 10% Permethrin for $14.44 from Amazon  or (see 8/30/2016 update below for more economical 36.8% Permethrin solution ). I just needed to figure out the proper dilution and delivery r