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Comcast Xfinity Internet and Arris TM722G Voice Modem DOCSIS 3.0 Self Install Unboxing

Below is my unboxing experience with the new Comcast Arris TM722G EMTA Internet Voice Modem. The Modem is DOCSIS 3.0 and supports Comcast's Triple Play service (TV, Internet and Voice). I'm not a big fan of paying a $7 per month rental fee in my area, so I purchased a modem from the Best Buy in Crystal Lake, Illinois for $149. I paid for the modem at Best Buy. It took the representative a couple minutes to set things up so I could check out at Best Buy. You can get a list of all the locations at Users Manual in pdf format Once at home the unboxing began. Pretty box on the outside with all kinds of Comcast Xfinity branding. List of the minimum requirements to install. You do need to have a working triple play service setup or an appointment to have the voice installed, if you don't already. It t

2007 Dodge Durango Fuel Spilling Problem Solved

It been almost 1 year since I first posted my You Tube video of my 2007 Durango spilling fuel  all over the ground. Since then it and several forum posts have gotten a lot of attention from legal folks and the NTSB. After years of filling issues with the NTSB and following threads on the problem, it seems that Dodge has finally decided there is an issue. Just today on one of the many forum threads Dodge noted there is a TSB on the subject covering many more vehicles than the original one that just covered the 2005 models. I followed this forum post for a long time . We'll be at the Dodge dealer on Monday seeing if we can get it in to be fixed at no charge to us. It will be nice to not have to fill the tank slowly or short filling it by 2-3 gallons. It also seems like a simpler fix than replacing the entire fuel tank on the Durango which was almost >$1,000. Here are the details on

Installing Pan 0.135 Newsreader in on Kubuntu 11.10

I really enjoy using a simple Newsreader on my KDE version of Ubuntu. It's a simple newsreader that feels a lot like Forte's Agent newsreader on windows. After a recent upgrade to 11.10, I started getting double images of inline images. This is the opposite of a problem before where mulipart images wouldn't appear at all. The version of PAN in Ubuntu repositories is quite old, so I needed to install it myself. I adapted the post by Scot Kuma for my needs. I got an error about missing hotkeys.h when I tried to compile it using his instructions verbatim. As suggested in this pan mailing list post for KDE I could just install the program from their source. Hopefully this will help you get your version of pan updated. I f you don't have pan installed. Install it. This will created all the icons in the appropriate menus in kubuntu. sudo apt-get install pan Download the source tarball from t

Tracing Arpwatch "sent bad addr len" MAC address on My Local Network

For a few months I arpwatch has been reporting that "some device" on my home network is sending out packets that aren't properly formed. Unfortunately, the email that I get sent (via logcheck ) only sends me the mac address that's sending the bad packets. I did some checking around the internet and wasn't sure what I should do with that information - do I have a NIC going bad, bad cable, etc? My network is becoming a complicated systems of >40 devices running a variety of operating systems. I like using the linux utility arpwatch on my network, since combined with linux logcheck , it let's me know via email when any new DHCP device is added to my network. Seems like a great way to monitor if that crazy neighbor is snooping around at my wireless network. Even though they are pretty protected -separate network segment (courtesy of Smoothwall ). Anyway the email that I was getting two or three times a day looked like this: This email is sent by logche