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Cancelling Comcast Account Nightmare - Moving to Arizona

After many years as a loyal #Comcast customer I needed to cancel my account. Last 10 years have been fine. Took three calls to cancel. I was on the line with Brianna for 39 minutes. Brianna told me they could only cancel service 7 days out and that I could call back later in the week if I wanted. No way I was going through this again, so I had them cancel it on the November 17th. What kinda crap is that. I was placed on silent hold. She came back and thought I was a new caller. I gave her all my information a second time. This time she actually took all my disconnect information and gave me a credit value based on my connection date. I was also told that I was paying full rate and they could have given me a discount. I'm amazed at the horrible customer service that the cable monopolies can give and still stay in business. I did give Comcast my new address, so it will be interesting if the actually send my over $100 credit to my new address. Perhaps I should just stop the ne