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Upgrading Jelly Bean to Kit Kat on Droid Razr Maxx XT912

I decided to upgrade my XT912 to Kit Kat. My earlier rooting and upgrade to CM10.2 provided a much better experience on the aging hardware ( ). This was my first time upgrading major versions of Cyanaogenmod (10.2 to 11) on my phone, so I was prepared for some unplanned issues. The upgrade went flawlessly and I lost noting in the process. The procedure I followed was: 1. Download current cyanogenmod snapshot from here: 2. Download Gapps for CM11 I used the upgrade steps from Jack Stromberg's post here: I found I needed to modify the steps slightly for doing and upgrade from 10.2 using safestrap. It was all in the instructions, but you do have to r