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Upgrading My 1TB Linux Mirror Raid to 2TB, using Mdadm and Parted

A few months ago in another blog post I had a 1TB drive fail in my Ubuntu 12.10 linux mirror array ( ) . I decided to replace it with a 2TB drive to have room for further expansion. Using unequal drive sizes allows me to stagger my drive replacements I just ran out of disk space on the 1 TB partition, so I purchased a new 3TB drive. I really on need 2TB, but the Seagate 3TB drive was just to good of a price to pass up from Amazon. This is the second part of the story about adding a 3TB drive to my existing mirror and the challenges that I ran into. The whole process is just a few (11) steps 1. I checked the array to make sure everything was fine before starting. sudo mdadm --detail /dev/md0 /dev/md0:         Version : 0.90   Creation Time : Fri Mar 11 22:53:54 2011      Raid Level : raid1      Array Size : 976759936 (931.51 GiB 1000.20 GB)   Used Dev Size : 976759936 (931.51 GiB 1000.20 GB)    R

ComEd Residential Real Time Pricing (RRTP) Program Review

This blog is about my experience with Illinois ComEd's (Commonwealth Edison) Residential Real Time Pricing (RRTP) electrical rate program installation process.  According to ComEd's FAQ page, "The majority of RRTP participants who participated in ComEd RRTP for all 12 months in 2010 experienced electricity savings ranging from 5% to 16% on their annual electricity bill, as compared with what they would have paid with ComEd's fixed-price rate." My friend Steve had also had an electric energy audit done and the auditor highly recommended the program. The Signup - day zero: I went to the ComEd website and signed up for the real time pricing program and the air conditioner cycling program on August 26th 2012. There is no charge to participate in either program. The premise is by charging you based on real time fluctuating electric rates and  allowing the utility some control over your air conditioner usage - you can help them to lower the cost of deliver