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Adding a Windows 7 Home Premium PC to BackupPC using SMB

I wanted to backup a couple new Windows 7 Home Premium PC's on my local home network using my current installation of BackupPC  on Ubuntu . I have a mix of linux and Windows PC's on my network. I have enjoyed using BackupPC as my central backup system for all of our PC's (8 at last count) in our house. I have used RSYNCD , but find the configuration of SMB, just a lot easier. For my home network, I'm not really concerned about SSH secure communication on my firewalled home network for my backups. In order to set it up I needed to create a users account on the machine. I have used a special backuppc user on each machine that is backed up. I set up each backuppc user as an administrator. In the past I set the accounts up without user logins and only backup administrator rights. It would appear that Microsoft has crippled the ability to manage user accounts and groups in Windows 7 Home Premium edition. I was able to get my BackupPC to be able to access the administr