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Inexpensive Radio Controlled Camera Shutter Release for Canon 40D Review - JYC JY-110

I was looking for an inexpensive remote for my Canon 40D SLR. I had looked at the Canon infrared remotes (like the Canon RC-1), but didn't like the idea of having to be line of sight with the infrared window of the camera. They were inexpensive, but you'd still have to use the in camera timer if you wanted to be in the shot (or have a nice picture of yourself holding the remote). I decided to take a chance and buy a inexpensive wireless Canon remote on ebay. The seller was located in Hong Kong, but the $18 price was great so I took a risk. The remote had the features I was looking for: JYC JY-110 Wireless Remote Control includes: 1 x V2s Wire/Wireless Remote Control C3 for Canon 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 5D 5D Mark II 1D 1Ds and etc. 1 x CR2 Battery 1 x 23A Battery 1 x English Instructions FREE 32 inches Lanyards with K hooks What's new with this Wire/Wireless Remote Control? Work as both wired and wireless remote control. The receiver works as a wired remote as w