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Adding local logcheck rules to wview to reduce chattiness on server instalation

Wview running on my station in Fountain Hills, AZ I recently installed wview (version 5.20.2) to monitor my Davis Vantage VUE weather station ( weather station unboxing and hardware review ). This station runs on a 24/7 headless 10.04 Ubuntu LTS server in my basement. I've finished getting it set up and running. I really like the software. The only thing I haven't seen addressed is the verbosity of the logging. Wview has great capabilities to enable a disable logging from the GUI (see online manual ). I found this invaluable when originally setting up my Ubuntu system, but have turned all the configurable logging off. I'm currently getting a few to many logcheck alerts each day from the server. I run logcheck at the "server" level (sudo nano /etc/logcheck/logcheck.conf configuration line set to REPORTLEVEL="server") to keep track of anything out of t