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Installing Stunnel to Enable SSL Connections in Pan Newsreader

I'd like my newsreading activity to remain private and I enjoy using the PAN Newsreader. The newsreader is open and free, but unfortunately doesn't support SSL connections. My news provider astraweb does support SSL at no additional cost. So I decided to take the plunge an utilize stunnel to encrypt connections to news service provider on my 64-bit Kubuntu linux machine. Hope the following procedure helps anyone trying to do the same.

Install stunnel4 form the Ubuntu repositories:
sudo apt-get install stunnel4 Configure stunnel to start automatically by editing the main configuration file with nano text editir (my favorite) and change the ENABLED=0 line to 1:
sudo nano /etc/default/stunnel4 ENABLED=1 Copy the example configuration /usr/share/doc/stunnel4/examples/stunnel.conf-sample to /etc/stunnel/
sudo cp /usr/share/doc/stunnel4/examples/stunnel.conf-sample /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf Edit the newly copied configuration file to make news request secure
Uncomment the line (remove t…

Fixed - Windows 7 Home Won't Accept My Windows 2000 Server Share Login and Password

For whatever reason my Windows 7 machine stopped accepting my credentials for my Windows 2000 server mapped drive shares. I had been using mapped drives in Windows 7 for at least a year. I did have a stuck Windows 7 upgrade, that forced to to go back to a previous restore point. I also ended up reinstalling my antivirus. I could login via remote desktop, so I knoew the cedentials were correct and the account was not locked.

The solution that worked in about 30 seconds was adding the LmCompatibilityLevel registry key to my Windows 7 Home PC:
Open Notepad (or your favorite text editor):Copy the text below and paste in Notepad:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"LmCompatibilityLevel"=dword:00000002Save the file on your desktop (or anywhere else) as name.reg - ".reg" is important.Run the file and press yes on the 2 pop ups. There is no need to restart -my mapped drive just began working again. Hope this helps you…