Inexpensive Radio Controlled Camera Shutter Release for Canon 40D Review - JYC JY-110

I was looking for an inexpensive remote for my Canon 40D SLR. I had looked at the Canon infrared remotes (like the Canon RC-1), but didn't like the idea of having to be line of sight with the infrared window of the camera. They were inexpensive, but you'd still have to use the in camera timer if you wanted to be in the shot (or have a nice picture of yourself holding the remote).

I decided to take a chance and buy a inexpensive wireless Canon remote on ebay. The seller was located in Hong Kong, but the $18 price was great so I took a risk. The remote had the features I was looking for:

    JYC JY-110 Wireless Remote Control includes:
  • 1 x V2s Wire/Wireless Remote Control C3 for Canon 10D 20D 30D 40D 50D 5D 5D Mark II 1D 1Ds and etc.
  • 1 x CR2 Battery
  • 1 x 23A Battery
  • 1 x English Instructions
  • FREE 32 inches Lanyards with K hooks

    What's new with this Wire/Wireless Remote Control?
  • Work as both wired and wireless remote control.
  • The receiver works as a wired remote as well, even without the battery and transmitter.
  • The receiver can be mounted on the hot shoe.
    Wirelessly Trigger Your Camera's Shutter
  • With the receiver connected to your camera's remote control socket, you can press the button on the transmitter to trigger your camera's shutter wirelessly!

    Also Work as a Wired Remote Control
  • The receiver alone can be used as a standard wired remote control, even without the battery and transmitter.

    Two-Level Shutter Button, Autofocus, Continuous Drive & Bulb Mode Supported Too!
  • The shutter buttons on the transmitter or receiver can be pressed halfway or all the way (half-press or full-press).
  • You can activate autofocus, release shutter, activate continuous drive mode or keep the shutter open for bulb photography as well.
    16 Channels with Working Distance of 100 Meters!
  • Strong resistance to interference.
  • There are 16 channels available so that you can switch to other channels to avoid jamming frequency.
  • Maximum working distance is about 100 Meters in open area without blockage.

    Able to Mount the Receiver on Hot Shoe
  • The receiver can be mounted on the hot shoe, like a flash gun.
  • If you need to use the hot shoe for your flash or spirit level, you can use the Free fastener tape to mount the receiver on your tripod.

    Energy Saving Design, Long Working Hour
  • With its low voltage and energy saving design, you don't have to change the battery often.
  • With a new battery, the receiver standby time is about 100 hours.
  • With a new battery, the remote control can trigger about 1,000 times.

    Avoid Camera Vibration=Sharper Pictures!
  • Since you can trigger the shutter without touching the camera body, it can avoid camera vibration, thus resulting in sharper pictures.
    How to Use?
  • With the shutter buttons on the transmitter and receiver, you can do the followings:
  • Half Press to activates autofocus.
    Single Shot:
  • Switch the camera to single shot mode.
  • Full Press to release shutter and take pictures.

    Continuous Drive:
  • Switch the camera to continuous drive mode.
  • Full Press and hold it to release shutter continuously.

    Bulb Mode:
  • Switch the camera to Bulb mode.
  • Full Press for 3 seconds.
  • The receiver is in bulb mode now.
  • Press the button again to close the shutter.
Seemed a little to good to be true for $18.00 with free shipping from Hong Kong. Well it delivered on everything promised (took about a week in shipping). The product quality very reasonable prosumer camera user. It worked as designed. The wireless work at distances up to 50 ft. (I didn't try any farther) with the antenna still in the remote. The LED's on the hand held remote and the camera mounted receiver unit were very informative about what was going on.

Here is a link to my completed auction on eBay (I just bought this -don't know the guys running the auction):


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  2. I got my JY-110 a few weeks ago and it worked great.. however it no longer will take a picture - or trigger the shutter.

    If I use the remote, my shutter button or the shutter button on top of the hot shoe, they will all auto-focus, however the remote and the unit on the hot shot (the JY-100 pieces) dont take a picture.. they autofocus, but no picture.
    I have changed the battery as well.
    On the remote, the timer mode also works and does the countdown... but no green light or picture can be taken.
    When I push the remote half way down, it will focus and the light turns green.. but then turns red when I push it the rest of the way down.
    Any ideas???

  3. Doesn't work with my 5d. It just focuses but doesn't allow for the shot.

  4. I'm having the same problem! I bought the model compatible for the GF1 a few days ago, but mine just focus and doesn't trigger the shutter. Does anybody has a solution for this? I've been looking for an answer around with no success.

  5. I haven't had any problems with my remote (other than forgetting to turn it off and wearing the camera remote battery down). My guess is there are some bad units out there, but I can only comment on my experience with the Canon 40D. I'd expect the same connector with the 5D.

    For my Canon 40D, it's just a simple 3 pin connector that does all the functions. If it focuses (which means the camera remote is on) -it takes the picture.

  6. I got main on eBay from China and it didn't work, so after some back and forward conversation with the seller he sent me another one another one and- surprise! - the same problem:( the camera unit work fine when installed on a camera, but the remote itself is completely dead. I changed the battery, so from then when I push the remote half way down, the light turns green.. but then turns red right away when push it the rest of the way down.


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