Comcast Xfinity HD uDTA Pace DC60Xu Unboxing and Setup Instructions

Today I picked up two Comcast Xfinity uDTA (HD Digital Transport Adapters). These are the latest DTA's from Comcast that allow you to view HDTV using a tiny cable box as opposed to the huge boxes. They also have the advantage of being much less expensive to rent than the settop boxes. In my area they are easily exchanged for the for the original Thompson DTA's ( from a couple years ago.

Advantages of Comcast Xfinity HD DTA:

  • Small compact size
  • HDMI output or standard cable TV
  • RF remote option (no line of site needed)
  • Same monthly rental as standard definition DTA's
Disadvantages of Xfinity HD uDTA:
  • No menu system (or extremely limited)
  • No on-demand programming
  • No channel favorites
Below is the unboxing process and what it took to hook it all up.

If you'd rather see a video of the process, I did that also. You can see the video on my YouTube channel at:

Plain brown box containing Pace DC60Xu DTA.

Package contained all the instructions and quick start guide. Everything you need to set it up is on the inside of the top cover of the box.

Every component in the package is clearly labeled with what it is.

Package contained two coaxial cables and a nice heavy duty HDMI cable. Each cable had labeled velcro cable ties to keep the cables nicely organized behind your HDTV or composite tv. 

RF capable remote came with 2 AA batteries.

Universal Digital Transport Adapter (uDTA) in it original package. 

110 Volt AC adapter.

User guide (never needed to open it).

User Guide and legal stuff.

Remote came with labels to put on it after your RF pair it with the uDTA in your house. The RF ability allows you to hide the Comcast HD uDTA completely out of site. The labels allows you to tell your remotes apart if you have more than one in your house.

Rear of DTA shows the cable output (for 4:3 standard TV's) and the switch to select composite transmission the cable signal on channel 3 or 4. The new thing is the full size HDMI port to connect to your HDTV to get full HD quality broadcast you pay for.

HDMI cable with velcro cable tie and gold plated connectors. The HDMI cable felt very high quality. It's about 6 foot long.

AC adapter showing a pretty large wall adapter. Also includes a velcro cable tie that is nicely labeled "power". Cord is also about 6 foot long.

Bottom of Pace DC60Xu uDTA. I attached the two velcro pads to the bottom of the DTA. I used these velcro pads to mount it to the bottom of a cabinet in our kitchen. This pulled all the wires nicely out of the way and kept the counter uncluttered.

Pace HD DTA (DC60Xu) shown with all cables connected for an HDMI setup. The Xfinity labeled velcro cable bundles are a very nice touch from Comcast.

Here is the very same adapter with all the cables in place for a standard definition tv without and HDMI input.

After I plugged the adapter in it downloaded a software update that took about 5 minutes. I tried online activation at Comcast's website, but it didn't work on two adapters. I called the 888 number on the screen and the voice response automated system did a nice job getting me activate without having to be put on hold (this activation sequence is at the end of the video -

After plugging both units in I'm very happy with them. The uDTA's are very compact. The HD signal looks great on our 23" widescreen kitchen HDTV. The other one is plugged into a standard definition TV now, but that will probably get replaced soon. The micro DTA's are a great way to get HD signal almost anywhere in your house. In our market it's just $2/month rental for the HD uDTA.

The only disadvantages that I felt was the lack of a digital programming guide and favorite channels. We now have hundreds of channels. To combat that I just printed out a list of the HD channel numbers in our area.

10/20/2013 Update:
DC60XU_HDDTA_SETUP_GUIDE.pdf - Generic setup guide from Pace - Couldn't find Comcast Xfinity guide
XR2_RemoteControl_rev_122911.pdf - Remote control user guide and instruction manual (with IR codes)
DC60XU.pdf - Pace specification sheet

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