Motorola droid cell phone replaces my ancient Treo 700WX on Verizon

I finally found a phone that would modernize my mobile communication platform.

Things I like:
Beautiful large screen -Pictures look great on it
Internal GPS to take advantage of location aware applications
WIFI capabilities - Quick surfing on my home WI-FI and hotspots
Quick and responsive device, but pretty similar to my Treo 700WX
Lots of apps and easy to install -I can't seem to find any missing apps
Android App Market is easy to navigate
Open operating system -should be able to find something for whatever I need and don't have to wait
Runs on the Verizon network - good reliable and fast network

Things that annoy me:
3rd party app needed for:
Automatic file synchronization
Outlook/exchange task support
Outlook/exchange meeting requests
Battery life was pretty poor on the first day - (Motorola *228 option 2 technical support was GREAT)
Lot's of apps, but someone needs to sort through them - many seem to have stability issues
Car charger -from Amazon is a must have if you plan to use the turn by turn navigation

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