Motorola droid cell phone replaces my ancient Treo 700WX on Verizon

I finally found a phone that would modernize my mobile communication platform.

Things I like:
Beautiful large screen -Pictures look great on it
Internal GPS to take advantage of location aware applications
WIFI capabilities - Quick surfing on my home WI-FI and hotspots
Quick and responsive device, but pretty similar to my Treo 700WX
Lots of apps and easy to install -I can't seem to find any missing apps
Android App Market is easy to navigate
Open operating system -should be able to find something for whatever I need and don't have to wait
Runs on the Verizon network - good reliable and fast network

Things that annoy me:
3rd party app needed for:
Automatic file synchronization
Outlook/exchange task support
Outlook/exchange meeting requests
Battery life was pretty poor on the first day - (Motorola *228 option 2 technical support was GREAT)
Lot's of apps, but someone needs to sort through them - many seem to have stability issues
Car charger -from Amazon is a must have if you plan to use the turn by turn navigation


  1. I really like the design of the Motorola Droid. Got mine about 2 days ago.

    Love the alarm clock feature with the dock station. Hope they make a new version without the keyboard so it can be thinner. The digital keyboard is good enoug for me.

    Navigation is really fast thanks to Android 2.0. Typing is kinda hard on the keyboard because of the 4 way navigation pad that is in the way.

    Nah, whatever I think the Droid is awesome and can easily take the iPhone.

  2. I'm in favor of Motorola Droid, since it encapsulates a Blackberry-like layout with all the Android perks. These are primary points for choosing a best smartphone.


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