Microsoft Exchange Account Disappears from Android Phone - Motorola Droid

At least I'm not alone in the fact that my Motorola Droid keeps loosing my Microsoft Exchange email account periodically. I have personally lost the exchange account 4 times (and the other IMAP accounts under the email application). Putting in the credentials again "fixes it". The frequency has gone up since the upgrade to Android 2.0.1. During the entire time the gmail mail accounts are fine. Here are a few of the posts that I'm tracking relating to the issue. No official word from Google, Motorola, or Verizon on the problem -or a pending fix.

Reports on Google's Android forum:

Reports on Verizon's droid forum:;jsessionid=32c7704020432f772a7cfec1677f7fd52

Reports on Motorola's message forum:

I'm looking for a better way to diagnose and find the root cause of this problem. Any suggestions are very welcome.

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