Pan Newsreader and Multi-part Images in Kubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx

I got frustrated at not being able to view multi-part images directly in Pan newsreader. I could save them to my local system and view them, but that's too many steps. For whatever reason this bug has been around for at least 6 months.

I started with the article from, but had to make some changes to support the latest version of Kubuntu (10.4 Lucid Lynx). First, I needed to install a number of application to support the building of Pan on my Kubuntu 10.4 version.

$ sudo apt-get install pan gitk gnome-common libgtk2.0-dev libpcre3-dev libgmime-2.4-dev build-essential kde-devel subversion libncurses5-dev libtag1-dev libqca2-dev libstrigiqtdbusclient-dev libstreamanalyzer-dev

I removed git and git-core -and added several kubuntu specific libraries to the install list. I think I needed all of them, but I'm not completely sure. Kubuntu then required a restart. After that I followed the instructions from Scott Kumma's posting.
$ cd ~
$ mkdir src
$ cd src
$ git clone git://
$ cd pan2
$ sh ./ --prefix=$HOME
You shouldn’t have any error messages during the autogen.  If you do,  they’re likely due to missing programs or libraries needed to build the  application. Please post your error messages from this procedure here!  If you didn’t  receive any errors, type:
$ make
This will take a while…so go treat yourself to a coffee, soda or your preferred method of caffeine distribution.  (I might recommend a nice chai!) If the compile completes without incident, continue with:
$ make install
$ cd /usr/bin
$ ls pan
For safety’s sake, let’s back up pan so that we can restore the package maintainer’s version later…:
$ sudo mv pan pan.OLD
Now let’s keep on going:
$ sudo mv $HOME/bin/pan .
$ sudo chown root: pan
And you’re done! You should now be able to use the Pan icon located in the “Internet” section of your main Kubuntu menus to run your newly-compiled application.

When I was done -I could finally view muti-part images directly in Pan once again. It really is a great newsreader for Kubuntu. Hope this help you out.


  1. Perfect instructions!!! Thank you.

  2. Thank you. This one had been bugging me for ages. Scott Kuma's instructions wouldn't even start: "Command not found".

    I have Mint 9, base on Ubuntu 10.4.

    Can you get this on to the repositories? Or distributed as a DEB?


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