Comcast Xfinity DVR App for Android Phones

Just got my email notice for Comcast Xfinity application for Android phones. Surprisingly it didn't take Comcast long to get their Android version of their application out after the debut of the iPhone application.Why Comcast didn't include the QR code to download the application in the market I'm not sure.

Searching for Xfinity in the Android market as suggested quickly found the application.Comcast explains it all here:

After downloading it I gave it my Comcast account information and zip code. The TV listings were brought down to my phone quite quickly after selecting the cable system I'm on. The application then asked me if I'd like to synchronize it with my DVR. I had previously set this up to program my DVR from my computer. It also worked flawlessly.

Now I can schedule my TV recordings from anywhere on the planet. Thanks Comcast -perhaps I won't move away from your services quite so quickly.


  1. I ran across your post and just wanted to add that DISH Network also offers TV everywhere to all of our customers and they offer a free DISH Remote access app with this that you can get at DISH's web site. If you’re just staying with Comcast for that reason don’t because DISH Network can offer you the same thing but better. They have better customer service better DVR equipment and can be controlled by a number of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry). As a DISH employee I can tell you we have the most HD stations out of all the Cable providers. If you would like more information about this go to to learn more.

  2. Ive tried this several times. After iprovide account ifo it attempts to aquire my zipcode and is set to auto. I cant stop it or change it yet if i go in without logging in i can input a zipcode but once i try logging inafter ive chosen a channel and program im in a loop once more


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