Installing Pan 0.135 Newsreader in on Kubuntu 11.10

I really enjoy using a simple Newsreader on my KDE version of Ubuntu. It's a simple newsreader that feels a lot like Forte's Agent newsreader on windows.

After a recent upgrade to 11.10, I started getting double images of inline images. This is the opposite of a problem before where mulipart images wouldn't appear at all. The version of PAN in Ubuntu repositories is quite old, so I needed to install it myself. I adapted the post by Scot Kuma for my needs. I got an error about missing hotkeys.h when I tried to compile it using his instructions verbatim. As suggested in this pan mailing list post for KDE I could just install the program from their source. Hopefully this will help you get your version of pan updated.

I f you don't have pan installed. Install it. This will created all the icons in the appropriate menus in kubuntu.
sudo apt-get install pan
Download the source tarball from the pan website. I just used my browser and saved it to my Documents directory.
Move the file to where you want to decompress and compile it. This location was suggested in an Ubuntu article about installing your own software.
sudo mv ~/Documents/pan-0.135.tar.gz /usr/local/src/
Change to the directory where you want to decompress it your download:
cd /usr/local/src/
Decompress it:
sudo tar -xzvf /usr/local/src/pan-0.135.tar.gz
Move to the new directory created:
cd /usr/local/src/pan-0.135/
Run the configure script:
sudo ./configure
Compile the application (pan in this case):
sudo make
Find where your current version of pan is located:
which pan
Mine was located in /usr/bin/pan

Move you old version to a new name just in case you mess something up and want to revert back to the installed version (now called pan_OLD).
sudo mv /usr/bin/pan /usr/bin/pan_OLD
Copy the newly compiled binary to your /usr/bin directory:
sudo cp /usr/local/src/pan-0.135/pan/gui/pan /usr/bin/pan
Now fire pan up and happy newsgroup reading with the current version with no duplicate images.


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