2007 Dodge Durango Fuel Spilling Problem Solved

It been almost 1 year since I first posted my You Tube video of my 2007 Durango spilling fuel all over the ground. Since then it and several forum posts have gotten a lot of attention from legal folks and the NTSB.

After years of filling issues with the NTSB and following threads on the problem, it seems that Dodge has finally decided there is an issue. Just today on one of the many forum threads Dodge noted there is a TSB on the subject covering many more vehicles than the original one that just covered the 2005 models.

I followed this forum post for a long time http://dodgeforum.com/forum/2nd-gen-durango/190747-gas-fill-overflow-on-my-06-durango.html.

We'll be at the Dodge dealer on Monday seeing if we can get it in to be fixed at no charge to us. It will be nice to not have to fill the tank slowly or short filling it by 2-3 gallons. It also seems like a simpler fix than replacing the entire fuel tank on the Durango which was almost >$1,000.

Here are the details on the TSB that were posted on numerous forum post on the subject:
Posted by: DodgeCares
On: 01-20-2012 08:16 AM
There is a new TSB on this issue which involves an unlimited time and mileage warranty extension on the fuel filler tube due to a bad check valve. I am posting the TSB now. Anyone who owns one of the affected vehicles and is on file with Chrysler as the current owner will be getting something in the mail indicating the extended warranty on this part. It will also have instructions on where to send for reimbursement if you have already paid to have this part fixed. If there are any questions regarding this issue I would recommend a call to the Chrysler Assistance Center at the numbers listed below.
800-992-1997 U.S.
800-465-2001 Canada
*NUMBER: 14-001-12
GROUP: Fuel System
DATE: January 20, 2012*
Fuel Spit Back During Refueling Due To Faulty Inlet Check Valve X39 (Unlimited Time And
Mileage Warranty Extension)
This bulletin involves replacing the fuel filler tube if the condition occurs.
2006 - 2008 (HB) Durango
2007 - 2008 (HG) Aspen
NOTE: This Extended Warranty Bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a naturally
aspirated gasoline engines.
Some customers may experience a fuel spit back condition during a refueling event.
If the customer experiences the symptom/condition, proceed to the repair procedure.
Qty. Part No. Description
AR (1) CNNZX390AA Tube, Fuel Filler
(4) 6500911 Rivet, Splash Shield Attaching
NUMBER: 14-001-12
GROUP: Fuel System
DATE: January 20, 2012
Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.
NOTE: Vehicles included in this Service Bulletin have a lifetime coverage - Unlimited
Time and Mileage warranty for this repair. See Warranty Bulletins; U.S.
D-12-07, Canada SAB 2012-03, International ID-12-02 or Mexico BG-01-12 for
details associated with the extended warranty.
UPDATE 3/10/2011:
My local Dodge dealer did the replacement that was suggested in the TSB. They had our 2007 Durango for the day. We have since filled it up with gasoline 3 times and no more spilling gas on the ground. It's great that Dodge finally issued the TSB on this and the dealers seem to be doing a good job of making the fix.

Call me a happy Dodge owner at this point.


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great your issue was resolved. I have a 2006 with this problem and I was thrilled to see TSB 14-001-12. Unfortunately my 2006 doesn't qualify based on the VIN number/assembly plant. Dodge Customer Care supposedly wanted to "work something out with me". My vehicle spent a day at the dealership. At the end of the day Dodge Customer Care informed me the care would have to be brought back when there was less fuel in the tank. The reality is the dealer filled it up as part of the diagnosis (I was charged for the gas).
    Dodge would not be straight forward about what they intended to pay for. The dealer did diagnose a defective filler pipe but they could not verify whether or not their was a problem in the tank. I think the game was to save negotiation until after the tank was dropped. I elected not to continue with the dealer when Dodge would not give any details about their intent.

  3. I have a temporary solution that works for my 2005 Durango. When you insert the gas pump nozzle, pull it back one notch on the spring. This will open up an airway between the nozzle and the fuel tank filler tube. This has solved my problem so far, after 10 fill ups.


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