Avast Antivirus Blocking BackupPC Rsync connections on Windows XP

BackupPC giving error all of a sudden.
full backup started for directory cDrive (baseline backup #0)
Read EOF: Connection reset by peer
Tried again: got 0 bytes
Error connecting to rsync daemon at unexpected response
Got fatal error during xfer (unexpected response)
Backup aborted (unexpected response)
Not saving this as a partial backup since it has fewer files than the prior one (got 0 and 0 files versus 0)
Turns out the problem seems to be an update of Avast antivirus has now decided to (quietly) block connections on port 873 on my Windows XP machine. If I disable antivirus protection the backup happens wonderfully. Of course then the machine isn't protected by my anti-virus.

After digging into it deeper it seems that the offending Avast tool is the "behavior shield". By going into the Behavior Shield>Expert Settings>Trusted Processes>Browse>Add and adding rsync.exe and cygrunsrv.exe. Now Avast no longer seems to silently block a process I want to happen on my local machine.

I used the instructions at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/backuppc/files/cygwin-rsyncd/2.6.8_0/ to originally set things up for using rsync on Windows XP.

This is the second time that AVAST is mucking up my internal network the previous time it was blocking putty outgoing connections:


  1. Thank you very much for sharing the solution ! I had the same problem on my Windows XP machine :)


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